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Most engaging Facebook content

A list of the content published on Facebook by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (likes + comments).
likes: 247
comments: 4
After a trip to Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg for the exhibition 'Oskar Kokoschka. Humanist und Rebell', 'The Mandrill' by Oskar Kokoschka (1926) ha ...
likes: 164
comments: 3
Olek (Agata Oleksiak) is a Polish designer with a great passion for crocheting. Her creations have colourful, fun forms but also contain a c ...
likes: 149
comments: 0
New and ‘smart’ outfits (like the ‘Wearable Solar dress' by Pauline van Dongen, which has solar cells worked into it that can charge a cell ...
likes: 117
comments: 6
Jan Theodoor de Bry ontwierp rond 1600 prachtige vingerhoeden zoals te zien op deze prent. In de Collectie Van Beuningen-de Vriese bevinden ...
likes: 94
comments: 5
#throwbackthursday Coert Ebbinge Wubben was officially appointed director in 1950. During his twenty-eight years in office the focus of the ...

Most engaging Twitter content

A list of the content published on Twitter by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (retweets).
Bond fans opgelet: morgenavond tot laat exclusief naar #Designing007 + feest. Kaarten op
LantarenVenster 9 hours ago
Vanavond @TangarineNL @LantarenVenster! Support: Jesse Woodson. I.s.m. @rotownrotterdam Zie
LantarenVenster 5 days ago
As. vrijdag 24/10: @TangarineNL concert @LantarenVenster #Rotterdam! Support @jwdsn. Concert i.s.m. @rotownrotterdam
Lecture Voedsel Verbeeld: October 30, 2014 #SiccoMansholt with @YFM_NL chef Naresh Ramdjas
Boijmans tipt: de MASH-UP van @kunsthal en @IFFR aanstaande vrijdag: Een avond met film, tentoonstelling en dans.

Facebook increase

The increase of number of new likes (vertical axis) based on the total number of likes (horizontal axis).

Twitter increase

The increase of number of new followers (vertical axis) based on the total number of followers (horizontal axis).


Institution City Country
Current Facebook page likes
Current twitter followers
Yearly attendance numbers 2010
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam Netherlands 28959 41545 320416
Museum Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands 4656 6126 0
Maritiem Museum Rotterdam Netherlands 2989 4326 132000
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam Netherlands 23879 7618 0
TENT Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands 13 4605 0
Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam Netherlands 29677 5531 103000
Havenmuseum Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands 657 473 0
V2_ Rotterdam Netherlands 3800 2220 0
Kunsthal Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands 36011 24514 159230
Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam Netherlands 13587 3721 53000
WORM Rotterdam Netherlands 9835 5564 0
LantarenVenster Rotterdam Netherlands 21763 4907 0
Historisch Museum Rotterdam Netherlands 311 0 0
Belansting en Douanemuseum Rotterdam Netherlands 476 0 11000
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