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Most engaging Facebook content

A list of the content published on Facebook by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (likes + comments).
likes: 398
comments: 8
Melbourne Museum 18 hours ago
Your adventure starts today! #SchoolHolidays #MuseumAdventures
likes: 109
comments: 12
To celebrate our screenings of brand new, beautifully restored 35mm prints of The Godfather Trilogy we take a look at what makes the films s ...
likes: 101
comments: 2
We can't believe it! At the Movies' beloved on-screen odd couple, Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton are drawing the curtain on their five ...
likes: 74
comments: 15
Glad to announce that on the 16th of November we’ll be kicking off our Scottish community exhibition ‘Scots Wha Hae’ with an all day festiva ...
likes: 27
comments: 6
Melbourne Museum 6 days ago
If you're planning to see WWI: Love & Sorrow today, download the Storyteller app. Choose a person and follow their wartime experience. Downl ...

Most engaging Twitter content

A list of the content published on Twitter by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (retweets).
Sad day for screens Aus wide w/ @ABCatthemovies's Margaret & David ending their 5 star career
"You can have all the money in the world but ultimately you need to focus on your story to get you through. Polish it." - Adam Elliot
This October, we're bringing you 'Masterpieces of Polish Cinema' curated by Martin Scorsese! (1/2)
.@XDolans TOM AT THE FARM starts tmrw! Don't forget to check out our Dolan marathon on Oct 4
To win tix to @FellFilm, tell us your favourite Australian actor/actress. Winners drawn 10am tomorrow. (2/2)

Facebook increase

The increase of number of new likes (vertical axis) based on the total number of likes (horizontal axis).

Twitter increase

The increase of number of new followers (vertical axis) based on the total number of followers (horizontal axis).


Institution City Country
Current Facebook page likes
Current twitter followers
Yearly attendance numbers 2010
Melbourne Museum Melbourne Australia 41597 6000 1164139
Immigration Museum Melbourne Australia 9234 1658 0
Alcaston Gallery Melbourne Australia 369 0 0
Jewish Museum of Australia Melbourne Australia 1572 0 0
Steven Sandner Melbourne Australia 1675 0 0
Australian Centre for the Moving Image Melbourne Australia 26611 24602 1103536
NGV International Melbourne Australia 40475 8145 820632
Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia Melbourne Australia 0 0 717676
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