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Most engaging Facebook content

A list of the content published on Facebook by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (likes + comments).
likes: 1505
comments: 25
Don’t miss the exhibition critics are calling “radical,” “hallucinatory,” “extraordinary… haunting.” #Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinar ...
likes: 808
comments: 25
Looking for a relaxing way to spend your Saturday morning? Taking #yoga at the Adler is a great way to start! Register today for yoga in the ...
likes: 350
comments: 5
Congratulations to Jackie Robinson West, U.S. Champions of the Little League World Series! What a beautiful day for a parade past the Art I ...
likes: 330
comments: 6
Don’t miss our retrospective, Ethel Stein, Master Weaver, chronicling 30 years of the artist's deceptively simple contemporary handloomed t ...
likes: 293
comments: 4
Have you subscribed to our YouTube page? You should. Watch this video and see the wide-range of hands-on science and cool programming that w ...

Most engaging Twitter content

A list of the content published on Twitter by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (retweets).
In a museum with this much to offer, a wrong turn can work out just right. @chicagotribune:
Labor Day isnt just about BBQ & lazy Mondays. Our Work of the Week explores labor in America
Track down the American masterpieces on view in your city with this handy map from @arteverywhereus! MAP
#tbt 9/11/2010Jitish Kallat's colorful testament to Swami Vivekananda's speech on tolerance
Happy Birthday James Henry Breasted! Today marks what would have been Oriental Institute founder James Henry...

Facebook increase

The increase of number of new likes (vertical axis) based on the total number of likes (horizontal axis).

Twitter increase

The increase of number of new followers (vertical axis) based on the total number of followers (horizontal axis).


Institution City Country
Current Facebook page likes
Current twitter followers
Yearly attendance numbers 2010
fieldmuseum Chicago United States 106708 30053 0
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Chicago United States 131372 15283 0
Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) Chicago United States 1090 11090 0
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Chicago United States 116098 25126 0
Chicago Children's Museum Chicago United States 9954 4034 0
Oriental Institute- University of Chicago Chicago United States 14833 5093 0
The Museum of Broadcast Communications Chicago United States 7819 8743 0
Chicago History Museum Chicago United States 19172 9622 0
Swedish American Museum Chicago United States 2172 1281 0
DuSable Museum of African American History Chicago United States 15831 3404 0
Smart Museum of Art Chicago United States 6770 3672 0
Art Institute of Chicago Chicago United States 263196 94236 1612780
Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery Chicago United States 758 0 0
Anode Gallery Chicago United States 951 0 0
Gallery KH Chicago United States 2937 0 0
Sapere Art/Intuitive Works Chicago United States 5120 0 0
Addington Gallery Chicago United States 1281 0 0
Art Chicago Chicago United States 1649 0 0
2ND FLR Gallery Chicago United States 932 0 0
National Museum of Mexican Art Chicago United States 16810 0 0
DePaul University Art Museum Chicago United States 1955 0 0
Kinzie Corridor Art Gallery Chicago United States 134 0 0
The Adler Planetarium Chicago United States 54754 0 0
Latvian Folk Art Museum Chicago United States 328 0 0
Zhou B Art Center Chicago United States 7317 0 0
LVL3 Chicago United States 2633 0 0
Slow Chicago United States 1551 0 0
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Chicago United States 7692 0 0
The Renaissance Society Chicago United States 4397 0 0
Glessner House Museum Chicago United States 1290 0 0
Polish Museum of America Chicago United States 3880 0 0
Monument 2 Chicago United States 332 0 0
Western Exhibitions Chicago United States 3711 0 0
Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago United States 29377 1494 0
Newberry Chicago United States 5241 6788 0
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