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Museum Analytics is an online platform for sharing and discussing information about museums and their audiences. Learn all about it. Museum Analytics has won 'People's Choice' and 'Museum Professional' award at the conference Museums and the Web 2012.

Together with 16 Dutch museums INTK has launched an action research project to define, measure and evaluate online success in the museum sector.

Most engaging Facebook content

A list of the content published on Facebook by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (likes + comments).
likes: 46124
comments: 25
You can see all the photos from Prince George's visit to the zoo in Sydney today here:
likes: 42997
comments: 25
David Bailey has photographed The Queen to mark her 88th birthday and show support for the #LoveGREATBritain campaign. The Queen will turn ...
likes: 19880
comments: 25
On the eve of Passover, April 19, 1943, SS and police units entered the Warsaw ghetto, intending to liquidate it and deport its remaining in ...
likes: 11936
comments: 25
Every year at Easter The Queen presents Maundy money to local pensioners in recognition of service to their community. This year, reflecting ...
likes: 10543
comments: 25
You can see the photos and read the Storify blog about Prince George's visit to the zoo today here: #royalvisitaus (st ...

Most engaging Twitter content

A list of the content published on Twitter by museums in the last 7 days organized by engagement (retweets).
This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships.
David Bailey photographed The Queen for her 88th birthday and the @GREATBritain campaign #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty
Lo nico malo de la muerte es que es para siempre", Gabriel Garca Mrquez.
Saatchi Gallery 6 days ago
16-yr-old Shania McDonagh wins the 2014 Texaco Childrens Art Competition in Ireland with this hyperrealistic drawing
Tate 6 days ago
#Matisse Cut-Outs is now open! Will you be seeing his glorious cut-outs in person?
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